A unique way to celebrate a win! Stained glass trophies are a fantastic addition to your Dog Shows. Each one is a one of a kind, so your winner will have a treasured keepsake for years to come.

How can you order trophies for your next Dog Show? Here's how!

A design fee of $100 is required up front and is non-refundable. You can request to have several different designs or just one. Robin will stay in constant contact with you and make sure that you are 100% happy with the design before beginning  production. Please keep in mind that final price for each trophy is dependent on the design. 

A contract will be sent to you with the agreed upon price and list of trophies to be completed. Half of the total cost is due upon signing the contract and is non-refundable. The remainder balance is to be sent prior to the final shipment. Robin accepts Paypal or Check for these payments.

There are several items to choose from once your design has been created. These include; Lamps (many different styles), sun catcher, night light, candle holder, bookends and so much more! For a complete trophy list (with estimated price range) please contact Robin.

A minimum of 1 month is required to produce your trophies, this does not include the time for designing. Please figure on at least two months from beginning to end. However, Robin does try to have all trophies shipped out before the agreed upon ship date. She will keep you updated on how the trophies are progressing and send photos when each is completed.

Contact Robin to start creating your trophies today!