Angelic Feathers and Butterfly Wind Chimes

Fairy Light and Flower Candle Holders

Scottish Fold


Everyone likes to have things match their decor. Or maybe they have a special pet that's crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. Have something made just for them! With just a photo, Robin can create a one of a kind sun catcher just for you.


Everyone loves to decorate for the holidays! What better way to bring some beauty to your window then with stained glass pumpkins, angels and shamrocks? You'll find many ways to show your holiday spirit!

Mustang and Tennessee Walking Horse

Lamps and Panels

Some lamps to brighten up your night and panels (or windows) to Let the Light Shine In! Custom work is always welcome with these larger items. Please feel free to contact Robin for more information.


Night Lights

Many different styles to choose from. Robin has been working on adding dog breeds to the night light section. Please feel free to contact her if you don't see your breed available yet.

Hippo and Fox

Wind Chimes

The wonderful sound of wind chimes! Choose from an all glass version (oh so pretty sounding) or a glass topper with metal chimes. Either way they are sure to brighten up your porch or garden.


From wild to tame you'll find all your horse loving friends something in this section. Sure to make any horse lover swoon.

Cat Breeds

For those that just love those feline friends, these sun catchers are just for you! Beautiful colors and oh so cute designs. Sure to brighten the day of any cat lover.

Horseshoe Lamp and Chickadee Panel

Owl Silhouette and Tearful Goodbye Ornaments

Smooth Dachshund and Kerry Blue Terrier

Sunflower and Pansy


Something for everyones Christmas Tree. Or you can simply hang them in a window, just as beautiful. A Swarovski Crystal hangs from below on the silhouettes.

Springtime Cardinal and Robin

Ice Skates and Mouse in Pumpkin Sun Catchers


All shapes and sizes! Every bird is a beautiful addition to any window. Many of the designs are based off of photographs by Tom Sayers (a friend of Robin's). More birds are added each year, so please check back often.

Other Animals

You'll also find several other kinds of animals here at Robin's Glass World. From Foxes to Wolves, there is always something new!

Ange and Paw Print Night Lights

Candle Holders

A beautiful stained glass candle holder makes a wonderful gift for anyone. Choose from several styles and colors for that perfect gift.

Dog Breeds

Currently making over 160 breeds. From Affenpinchers to Yorkie Poos, you'll find just what you need right here. If you don't see your breed, please email Robin to have one made for you!


Many are made with a 3D effect to the petals. This adds more texture and beauty to an already stunning sun catcher.